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fitness-evolutionFitness Evolution

Fitness Evolution is a 31,215 sq. ft. renovation of an existing fitness center. Cook Design Group, INC. was responsible for all the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical drawings for the new fitness center located in Sterling, Virginia. This project consisted of ten existing rooftop units to be reused along with one new 25 ton RTU. The plumbing consisted of renovation of existing locker and toilet rooms. Power was coordinated all throughout the building having to account for all treadmills and equipment locations.

Additional Fitness Centers Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical Designs:

  • Fitness Evolution (Richmond, VA) – 31,215 sq. ft.
  • Fitness Evolution (Sterling, VA) – 24,340 sq. ft.
  • Drayer Physical Therapy (Edgewood, MD) – 5,540 sq. ft.
  • Anytime Fitness (Damascus, MD) – 5,860 sq. ft.

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