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Carroll Creek Montessori School

Carroll Creek Montessori School was a 15,850 sq. ft. renovation of the existing building in Frederick, Md. Cook Design Group, INC. was responsible for the complete mechanical, electrical and plumbing design of this project. Design included reusing existing mechanical system along with two electric duct heaters and an energy recovery ventilation unit. Cook Design was able to coordinate power throughout the school with reusing existing panels.

DeMartha Catholic High School Monastery

DeMartha Catholic High School Monastery, Hyattsville,MD is a 20,000 sq. ft. three story renovation of the existing building. Cook Design Group was responsible for all mechanical work associated with this project. This project included a 40 ton chiller and associated piping.

  • Faith Christian Fellowship (Myersville, MD)
  • Patterson Park Public Charter School
  • St. Francis Life & Education Center (Gettysburg, PA)
  • St. Pius X (Bowie, MD)

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